You might be able to get your hands on a Supreme jet ski this week. The brand’s collaborative Sea-Doo is rumored to come with Thursday’s drop. The two-seater Spark TRIXX jet ski comes covered with Supreme stickers alongside a Rotax 900 Ace 90 horsepower engine, a Bluetooth 50-watt sound system, and intelligent throttle control.

Sea-Doo’s Spark TRIXX model is usual priced at $7,699, with an option to add decals for a further $450. However, Supreme’s version is said to cost $11,000. Why? Because it’s Supreme, of course. The brand is known for inflating prices for its collaborations. If you want to cop the Supreme Hanes boxers, a Pyrex measuring cup, or burner phone (to name just a few), you can expect to pay double what the non-branded version costs.

As we wrote previously, the Jet Ski joins last year’s Mortal Kombat arcade and the off-road Honda bike in the brand’s wtf hall of fame. However, like the Honda CRF250, the Supreme jet ski may only be released on a Friends & Family basis with only a select few in New York and Los Angeles being given the option to purchase.

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