There are few things that are as agonizing as being stuck at a job you absolutely hate. But not everyone is willing to put up with their status quo—as it turns out, some things are more valuable than a paycheck to many of us out there—and some bad bosses have had to learn that the hard way. Here are 50 incredible examples of quitting stories that people out there have experienced.

1. Food For Thought

Back when I worked at Taco Bell, I also had another job as a bar back. The bar back job was paying me enough that I didn’t need the Taco Bell job; I only stayed for the extra money. Anyway, I previously never asked for time off at Taco Bell, but I told them at least a month in advance that I needed to be off for the Super Bowl. I reminded them every week leading up.

What they ended up doing got me so heated—they put me on the schedule for that day anyway. I told them I could not work that day and that I would not be there. They wouldn’t budge and left me on the schedule. So on the day of the game, I did not show up to work, but I did go in to order food. They were like, “What are you doing? You’re supposed to be working.” I said, “I quit. Let me get a Mexican pizza combo, and add some sour cream.”

The manager actually made my food and gave it to me. She was not happy, though.


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