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FLASH = 50% off select new arrivals / 40% off the rest (exp. 2/21)

Scoop, there it is.

BTW the best part of that commercial, by far, is when the daughter turns on her heel and leaves the room in abject embarrassment.

Anywho, this is the best deal J. Crew has run in recent memory. Half off on a bunch of new arrivals. Not already on sale stuff, which is usually picked over and often final sale. None of that nonsense. Nope, new stuff. Half off. And 40% off the rest (exclusions apply, because of course they do) Just one day though. Code FLASH expires today, Sunday, 2/21. Off we go with the picks. We’ll start with some half off stuff.



Goodyear Welted Ludlow Derbys – $164 or Wingtips – $174 ($328 – $348)

Nice quality on these. Bang for buck ratio jumps big time when they dip to half off. If you’re a “less is more” kinda guy, then a pair of smart, durable Derbys might be the way to go. Wear them with everything.


Ludlow Slim-fit knit blazer in Italian wool – $225 ($450)

Was NOT expecting this to be up for half off so soon. Check out that texture. J. Crew does the knit blazer thing, and instead of cheaper cotton or cotton blends like many other brands, they’re going with Italian wool here. Could become a go-to.


Slim lightweight stretch Secret Wash cotton poplin shirt – $34.75 ($69.50)

Man. If fresh air were a shirt. That’s what it’d look like. Makes you want to take a trip to the shore (ocean, lake, large puddle, etc). And yeah. Fresh air. A lot of us could use some of that right now. Sounds nice. Also, it looks like that FLASH code gets you free shipping no minimum as well? So yeah. If you’re looking to pick up just a new shirt, they won’t ding you with shipping at checkout. Which is kind.


484 Slim-fit five-pocket stretch chino pant – $47.70 ($79.50)

Their 5-pockets in the popular true-slim 484 fit. But where’s the athletic fits? Some of us have pistons for lower appendages! These legs do hill climbs! and.. AND WALK UP STAIRS. Help me I have thick legs.


Wallace & Barnes Slim-fit chore blazer in cotton-linen – $75 ($150)

One of those items that they kept making through all the turmoil (and the turmoil might not be over yet, who knows). Very, very well reviewed. Also available in navy. As shown at the very top of the post.


Slim washable merino wool V-neck sweater – $39.75 ($79.50)

Perfect. A merino wool sweater in a slim fit AND it’s washable? That’ll do. Being able to machine wash the things are super handy, in case you spill something on yourself. Like ice cream. French vanilla, rocky road, chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough…


Slim stretch organic cotton chambray shirt in dark wash – $39.75 ($79.50)

Chambray shirts are great… unless they’re super stiff and come with too many pockets. Then they’re not very versatile. This one doesn’t do that! It’s versatile! Wear it under a sweater… or a chore blazer. Just like the model in the chore blazer shot is doing. Ta-da.


Ludlow suede tassel loafers – $149 ($298)

Oh to be wearing those with a pale gray summer suit and a crisp white shirt and having a cocktail with some friends on a patio somewhere. Maybe it’ll happen this year. Or in 2022.


Slim stretch Secret Wash shirt in organic cotton gingham – $34.50 ($69.50)

As classic as it gets. The J. Crewiest of J. Crew shirts. And that’s not a bad thing.


Ludlow Slim-fit suit jacket & matching trouser in Italian organic wool – $283 ($566)

Would 100% wear each of these pieces separately/with other gear. That suit jacket would look great as a sportcoat. Those trousers would look terrific with a dress shirt and sweater. And as a suit, a subtle glenplaid with a charcoal base could look great with solids like a pale blue shirt and dark navy tie with some texture. Marzotto Italian wool here.


Ludlow Slim-fit Legacy blazer in Italian wool flannel – $175 ($350)

Seems sorta strange that they’re throwing this in with the spring releases? Flannel? Really? I suppose flannel is a 3 season fabric. Lots of time left to wear this before summer hits. Vitale Barberis flannel here. Used to have something similar, and it saw a lot of work with jeans. There’s something about that soft texture of wool flannel that goes terrific with the crisper texture of denim. There’s contrast there, which plays well nicely together.


and now some picks from the 40% off stuff


Court sneakers in leather – $88.80 ($148)

Brand new. Perhaps a great sign of things to come for J. Crew (a return to clean, classic simplicity?). From our shoe expert Adam, who has a pair in hand for an upcoming in-person review: “Worth it at that price – better than Adidas Stan Smiths, but not quite as nice as Gustin or Common Projects.” Always good to get the feedback from the man who created A.R.S.E. (Adam’s Review Scale of Excellence).


Slim garment-dyed slub cotton crewneck T-shirt – $17.70 ($29.50)

For it being “just a t-shirt” they sure get a LOT right about these things. Garment dyed gives it that visual interest. Slim fit = you won’t look all boxy in it. Slub cotton gives it a bit of worn-in feeling and texture, without looking sloppy. And the pocket at the chest keeps it from looking overly simple/basic. Nails. That’s what these things are. Another item where the free outbound shipping is nice (returns will cost you the $7.50 prepaid label). In case you want a new t-shirt, and don’t want to have to shell out for shipping to get it.


J. Crew Wallace & Barnes Copilot sunglasses – $47.70 ($79.50)

Interesting that they put these under the Wallace & Barnes line, instead of the regular J. Crew name? W&B stuff can sometimes feel a bit more substantial in build quality. J. Crew’s sunglasses are fine for the price (when on sale), so, fingers crossed that these follow suit… both in construction and being up for a code every now and again.


Slub jersey T-shirt in deck stripe – $21.90 ($36.50)

Goes with everything. Looks terrific layered under a lightweight merino cardigan. And the slub jersey fabric is a really nice point of differentiation.


Made in Italy MacAlister boots in leather – $100.80 ($168) or Suede – $88.80 ($148)

Still made in Italy? Sure appears that way. Stitched out welt construction. An essential that more than a few of us reach for time and time and time again.


Dock sunglasses – $39 ($65)

Hey now. That “blue tortoise” option could be fun. Middle-of-the-road in terms of quality/price. Which is hard to pull off in the sunglasses game. Extremely well reviewed.


Adidas Stan Smith sneakers – $48 ($80)

Forty eight bucks for Stans? Pretty good!


Vans for J.Crew washed canvas authentic sneakers in baby blue, navy, gray, or white – $36 ($60)

Terrific for a slow, meandering, early evening bike ride or stroll once we all thaw out. I don’t know why they put the (off) white option on a separate product page. But they did. The white options are here. The rest are here.


Lightweight sunfaded french terry sweatshirt – $41.70 ($69.50)

A masterclass in how to do sweats. Which is probably the weirdest, most inane thing ever written on this website (and that’s saying something.) Because it’s… a sweatshirt. How can one “masterclass” a sweatshirt? Beats me, but they did it.

The J. Crew 50% off select new arrivals/40% off the rest (with exclusions of course) code FLASH expires today, 2/21/21.


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