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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. TENET is one of the best dressed movies in recent memory. No surprise though, being that it’s a Christopher Nolan (Inception, Batman Trilogy, Interstellar) film. And one of the go-to looks for “The Protagonist”, played by John David Washington, is a polo under a sharp sportcoat or blazer. Here’s the trailer: 

That particular combo, a polo and sportcoat or blazer, is a perfect way to ease back into dressing well post lockdown(s) and after you get vaccinated. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it looks terrific. Here’s one way to do it, leaning on the “you wanna crash a plane” walk & talk scene (2:32) only with the polo and blazer colors flipped.

The Sportcoat: Suitsupply Grey Havana Jacket in Traveller Wool – $399. Or whatever your favorite dark gray, year round appropriate sportcoat happens to be. Bit of a “spring Armani” thing going on with the overall look. That wearing dark colors even in the warmer months style. But without the Armani prices.

The Chinos: Amazon Goodthreads Men’s Athletic-Fit Washed Comfort Stretch Chino Pant in Light Grey – $30. Cotton, stretch cotton, or tech. Doesn’t matter. Whatever your mid to lighter gray favs are, that’s what to wear. Not khaki. Going with something sleeker and cooler looking in regards to shade and temp.

The Polo: Uniqlo Airism Pique Polo in Navy – $29.90. A collar that can stand up with a sportcoat/blazer lapel next to it. That’s what you want, and the UNIQLO gets the job done with its button down collar. These CAN sometimes run on the short side. Another option would be the excellent but spendy RHONE Delta Pique polo. Those also have a button down collar, but the buttons are hidden underneath the points. Terrific tech fabric on those. Big thanks to our man Adam for the tip on the Rhone.

The Sunglasses: Roka Falcon Alloy Aviators in Matte Black Frame – $125Super lightweight with “Gecko” grip nosepads and temples to keep them from sliding off. Perfect for running around, trying to save the world. Or just running around.

The Watch: Orient Ray Automatic – $135 w/ Crown & Buckle Supreme Bond Nato – $34. Pretty sure Hamilton provided (multiple styles of ) watches for Tenet, but… why not throw a little Bond in the mix?

The Belt: Banana Republic Italian Leather Belt in Brown – $35ish ($59.50). Gets suggested a good amount in various style scenarios, because it’s a good belt.

The Shoes: Brooks Brothers Made in Italy Field Chukkas in (Dark) Brown Suede – $149 ($298). A perfect pair of chukkas for this style scenario. Sleeker than the average desert boot, but not so slim that they’d be classified as “dress” boots. A perfect in between. Will look great with the jacket on, or, with just a polo and chinos if the jacket comes off. The half off price tag helps too.

The Bag: Tumi Alpha Bravo Aviano Slim Briefcase – $237 ($395). Because a Zero Haliburton would be a little too on the nose. On sale, and ships and returns free via Nordstrom.

The Socks: Made in the USA Allen Edmonds Charcoal Merino Wool Grid Socks – $18.50Because they look like The Grid from Tron… which is what you’ll half expect Tenet to devolve into as you try to keep up with the plot.


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