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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Dressing well doesn’t have to be stiff or formal. Hardly. This style scenario showcases easy, comfortable, simple items that can help bridge that gap between joggers and suits. Perfect for the spring weather, it’s a preppy look that avoids snooty-ness, stays  contemporary, and is down to earth.

The Sportcoat: J. Crew Italian Wool Knit Sportcoat – $299.50 ($450). A really, REALLY nice 3-season swazer (blazer + sweater) in knit Italian wool. Super soft and has some stretch thanks to that knit. Wear it now because once it heats up you’ll want to switch to a lighter, crisp hopsack. Can be had for a lot less if you wait for the right code/promo. Shown at the very top of the post is a 40R on 5’10″/190. Full review here.

The Jeans: Slim Banana Republic LUXE Traveler Jean – $129. Impressively soft and has plenty of stretch. For those that want to try the lighter jeans thing for spring, but don’t want to go full white denim. Size 32×30 is shown at the very top of the post.

The Polo: Uniqlo Airism Pique Polo in White – $29.90. A collar that can stand up with a sportcoat/blazer lapel next to it. That’s what you want, and the UNIQLO gets the job done with its button down collar. Part of our big polopalooza round up. Another option would be the excellent but spendy RHONE Delta Pique polo. Those also have a button down collar, but the buttons are hidden underneath the points. Terrific tech fabric on those.

The Sunglasses: Sunski Avilas – $68. Sunskis are so good. Are they the greatest, most luxurious sunglasses ever created by man? No. But they are GOOD. Lightweight. Polarized. Fair price. Clubmaster looks here without the massive markup.

The Watch: Invicta Pro Diver Automatic – $80 w/ Moose Strap Co. “James” NATO – $20. The dirt cheap, gateway automatic diver on a super smooth 007 inspired NATO strap. All for a hundred bucks total.

The Moisturizer w/ Sunscreen: Supergoop! PLAY Everyday SPF 30 Lotion – $32Protect your skin. Because sun damage and skin cancer is real. There are a lot of moisturizers out there with SPF in them, but sometimes they can feel tacky and weird, or greasy and gross. Not this stuff. Suggested by Mrs. Dappered and it really is something else. No artificial scents either. Smells light and clean.

The Belt: Banana Republic Italian Leather Belt in Brown – $35ish ($59.50). Gets suggested a good amount in various style scenarios, because it’s a good belt.

The Shoes: Brooks Brothers Made in Italy Field Chukkas in Tan Suede – $126.65 w/ BC1818 ($298). Looks like the extra 15% off BC1818 code has been reactivated at Brooks Brothers? Still can’t believe these things are available at this price. Sleeker than the average desert boot, but not so slim that they’d be classified as “dress” boots. A perfect in between. Will look great with the jacket on, or, with just a polo and chinos if the jacket comes off. The half off price tag helps too. Clarks Bushacre 3’s in taupe suede would work here too. As would some clean court inspired sneakers, or loafers would do great as well. Shown at the very top of the post is actually the Sanders Hi-Top chukka in dirty buck, bought from Todd Snyder a couple years back during a major sale.

The Socks: Bombas Merino Wool Socks – $19Medium weight here with great cushioning. These are as good as it gets for 3 season wear. Merino breathes and moves moisture away from your feet, whereas cotton holds onto foot sweat and gives you foot funk.


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