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Chinos, Chukkas, and a Polo is our ongoing series out to prove the benefits of this simple combination during the warmer months. There’s a million ways to do it, the benefits are numerous and significant, and it can be executed at all levels of style budgets. Head here for a further explanation as to why chinos, chukkas, and a polo works. Click here for the growing archive. Got a suggestion for Chinos, Chukkas, & a Polo? Send those into joe@dappered.com.

The Polo: Target Goodfellow Performance Polo Shirt – $19.99. Super affordable. 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane, and well reviewed on the Target website. Want to upgrade? Try the Rhone Delta Pique performance polos. They get mentioned a lot, but for good reason.

The Watch: Todd Snyder x Q Timex 38mm – $124.99 ($179). Or, whatever diver you happen to prefer. But the Todd Snyder Q would be a perfect contemporary yet also retro play here. One bad review said the clasp fell apart. Hopefully that was a one off.

The Sunglasses: UNIQLO Brow Line Sunglasses – $19.90. Cheap! If you don’t like the look, feel, or sound of cheap sunglasses (lots of cheap sunglasses “rattle”), try Kent Wang’s browline option. If you’re the type to splurge on eyewear, and also happen to have a larger head/face, try the oversized clubmaster from Ray Ban. Not cheap, but they’re a bit more modern, and great for those of us with bigger noggins.

The Chinos: Lululemon Commission Pants in Iron Blue – $128. Terrific color here. A slightly desaturated blue shade that has gray hues. Not “scrubs” blue. Not baby blue. A true grayish blue that’s surprisingly versatile. The Lululemon Commission (and ABC) pants are the current standard in tech-trousers. Why? Because they don’t look or feel like tech pants. Terrific stretch without feeling like you’re wearing lycra. Smooth fabric that doesn’t make a “swish swish” sound. Available in slim fit, or a more athletic “classic” fit that’s not bulky or billowing. Popular enough, despite the price, that they have a hard time keeping these things in stock.  For a more affordable option (albeit with not as much stretch as you might expect), try the Banana Republic Slim City Pant in “Mist Blue.” Wait for a sale, and they should drop to that $60ish range.

The Belt: GAP Leather Belt in Black – $39.95. The champ of all smart casual belts. Cheap. Effective. A favorite along with the dark brown option.

The Chukkas: Clarks Men’s Bushacre 3 Chukka Boot in Black Waxy Suede – $69.31 ($110). Black, smooth leather can be tough to pull off in summer. It’s just too hot looking. But not so for suede! The matte texture makes it all kinds of right for year-round wear, and the waxy look on these Clarks prevents the cheaper suede from looking “too perfect” (aka artificial/almost microfiber like). Head here for a full review of the new Bushacre 3, and how it stacks up against both new and old versions of Clarks chukkas. The boots shown at the very top of the post are the UK Made Sanders (got those via Todd Snyder, which are sold out over there). Head here for a full review of the Sanders Chukka, with some other options for sourcing.

The Socks: Bombas Men’s Merino Wool Golf Calf Sock – $22. Forget swinging a club. If these are made to walk 18 (does anyone do that anymore?), then they should be perfect for a warm summer day. Merino cools and cushions and keeps your feet dry. High hopes for these. Machine wash and dry is always a plus.

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