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Stüssy and CDG know there’s no way to have too much of a good thing. The 40th anniversary collab they dropped last year has since become the stuff of streetwear legend, so it’s only appropriate that they’d come back together for a third partnership.

Third, you say?

Yep! Besides the aforementioned capsule — which included a jacket, shirt, cap, and bag laden with Surfman co-branding — Stüssy and the COMME des GARÇONS diffusion line also worked on a beachy scent that was launched alongside a CDG wearable or two.

The first round of CDG stuff was far more comprehensive and collectible — it was an anniversary celebration, after all — with the varsity jacket in particular reaching ridiculous heights on the secondhand market.

But the CDG Parfums fragrance still makes sense in terms of Stüssy’s impeccable world-building. The aged Californian brand currently is writing the book on how heritage streetwear brands can extend themselves far beyond the realm of mere streetwear.

Stüssy & CDG’s latest joint effort also follows an especially strong seasonal collection and another choice Birkenstock collaboration, both demonstrating the strength of contemporary Stüssy: it’s cool, it’s what everyone wants to wear right now, and it’s constantly selling out. Look out ‘Preme!

There’s really not much to speak of for this new drop, yet, but there’s a graphic T-shirt visible in Stüssy’s Instagram teaser. CDG hasn’t teased anything substantial either but given its usual oeuvre, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing even more T-shirts, bags, and perhaps some outerwear pieces.

We’ll be waiting with bated breath until Stüssy & CDG properly reveal their latest team-up on September 24, presumably before it drops on Stüssy’s website and Dover Street Market outposts.


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