Less than two months after dropping It Wasn’t Even Close, Your Old Droog has another project in store. Aptly entitled Transportation, the Ukranian-American rapper offers 15 tracks that seem to cover almost all methods of public commute available in his city of New York. Reminiscent of lyrical hip-hop most active in the ’90s, Droog incorporates the record’s theme with witty and conversational stories, reflecting both his unaccompanied trains of thought and third parties that come and go — much like strangers you might see on the subway. Utilizing nothing but his lyrical ability, Droog creates a well-crafted love letter to his city’s methods of public transit. Inconvenient methods, maybe, but otherwise still very much a part of the place he calls home.

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In other music news, Drake dropped two new tracks in celebration of the Raptors’ championship win.

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