Before you dig into the article, note there are spoilers. Also, the reviewer did not see the original Harrison Ford movie, which I see as a good thing, since this show is such a different take on the original source material.

That said, this bit struck me:

After the first two episodes, it’s hard to say much more about the story because we don’t know that much. Allie did something in the past that got him in trouble with the feds, and now he and his family are on the run, and we honestly don’t know if Allie is in the right or the wrong. That’s it. That’s the show.


But it’s an intriguing one. It’s an action thriller — the first two episodes are basically one continuous action sequence — but it’s engrossing and at times breathtaking. It comes from Neil Cross (Luther), so for a family-driven thriller, it’s surprisingly violent. Less surprising, however, is how intense it is.

It’s on my list. Though there’s a river of content on that list, and more coming every week. The equation is changing. It used to be, I needed access to a bundle to get enough quality shows to fill my available viewing time. We’re now at the point where just two or three services will do that. And given that I get Apple TV+ and Amazon for free (in effect), I am really starting to think about what other services are worth keeping around.

Just to complete the picture, here’s the latest explainer trailer for the show.

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