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Airism Boxer Briefs (low rise and regular) – $7.90 ($9.90)

Free shipping no minimum and UNIQLO is knocking a few bucks off their hugely popular arisim boxer briefs? That’s unusual. In a good way. Airism = performance underwear at a dirt cheap price.

UNIQLO Airism Boxer Briefs

Now that said, I personally don’t own/operate in these things. I’m an Ex Officio man myself. But every time I suggest ex-officio underwear, someone emails me and says that I should try out UNIQLO’s airism. They claim they’re basically the same thing, at a much cheaper price.

But like I said, I don’t know. If you’re the type to take risks with your junk, then you and I are different types (filthy junk-risker you!) That said, eight bucks + free shipping is a pretty low threshold in terms of an underoos experiment. Especially if you’re still on team-cotton.

The horror.

UNIQLO Airism Mesh

Up close with the super-cool “mesh” line of airism. If your butt runs hot (whose doesn’t?) go with the mesh.

With the warm weather coming up, do yourself a favor and ditch the cotton underwear for something that actually breathes and wicks and dries. Cotton does not. It just begs for swamp-butt. This stuff, according to many a reader, is cool, dry, and super breathable. And their “mesh” line is even more breathable than their standard airism. So, keep that in mind.

It’s all a couple bucks off and ships for free.

That’s all. Carry on.