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Mr Porter: Up to 50% off during their sale

Mr. Porter makes me feel like Forest Gump that first day of school on the bus.


Fine, jerk. Don’t want to breathe in your boo berry breath anyway. No good fancy pants.

Not all of us “get” Mr. Porter. To get excited about a $1000 hooded sweatshirt being marked down to $630 seems absurd. Then again, there’s an enormous part of the world who would view getting excited about $400 wingtips getting marked down to $275, just as absurd.

Perspective is a funny thing. Always crafted by individual experiences, yet that crucial variable is rarely if ever recognized in the most critical moments.

Hey look. Common Projects are on sale.

Mr. Porter rarely runs sales. And when they do, the #menswear nerds usually pounce on this stuff pretty quick.

Tried to stick to picks above that would feel more like the website you’re reading now. Most of what Mr. Porter carries is super expensive, pretty high fashion stuff.

Head here for their return policy.

That’s all.

Carry on.

You can sit here if you want to.


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