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Target: 20% off select men’s shirts and pants/shorts w/ Target Circle

A big important note on this 20% off select shirts/shorts/pants/tees deal at Target:

It’s a “Target Circle” offer. That’s their rewards program. So to use it, you’ll have to log in (or create an account) and then “save” the offer to your cart.

The hoop you gotta jump through. Click “save offer” to apply the 20% off once you’re logged in.

Meaning you have to click the button. It doesn’t seem to want to auto-apply. And for whatever reason it seemed to un-apply (at least for me) as I was testing a few of these items out. But I was bouncing around with 8 zillion tabs open. Worked though once I reapplied it. YMMV of course.

Got all that? I know. A little clunky. Off we go with some picks.


Slim Fit Chinos or Athletic Fit Chinos – $20.39 ($25.49)

Target chino pants

Are we done calling these the “Hennepin” chino? The new title seems to imply that. Oh the Hennepins are still available, but just in limited colors. These are the new $20 chino boss. Prrrrrobably same as the old boss. Slim or athletic fit.


Pintuck Jogger Pants – $19.99 ($24.99)

Target Pintuck Jogger Pants

Tar-zhay gets trendy. Size shown above is an XS on Ryan ($5’9″/155), who was looking for a closer fit and less stretching out with each wear. The pintuck (stitched line down the front of each leg) is super sharp, and makes your outfit look that much more put together. DOUBLE back pockets are also nice.


Short Sleeve Garment Dyed T-Shirt – $11.19 ($13.99)

Target t-shirts

Watch out J. Crew, Target is coming for your Garment-Dyed crown. Okay, so they probably won’t knock J. Crew off their perch, but eleven bucks is very much that Target price point many love. Garment dyed, so it’ll have a bit of a vintage look to the fabric without it being worn out. Know that these are labeled as a “relaxed fit”. Some of the reviewers suggest sizing down.


Slim Fit Stretch Poplin Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt – $15.99 ($19.99)

Target Slim Fit Stretch Poplin Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

In person size shown above is a small on Ryan, who is 5’9″ / 155. Mustard yellow (or is it spicy brown?) or not, it’s always good to subject short-sleeve button-ups to the “Dwight Schrute” test. As in, will this be a boxy and unflattering fit? Or does it actually skim the body and flatter? Thankfully, this passes with flying colors. Slim, but not tight fit, a tapered midsection. Add in a little bit of stretch, button-down collars and a perfect untucked length, and you’ve got yourself a go-to warm weather favorite. Could be a less-fortunate-man’s Bonobos Riviera for a quarter of the price.


Slim Fit Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt – $15.99 ($19.99)

Target Slim Fit Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

More patterns. 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex. Looks like Target/Goodfellow can have pretty similar products, just on different pages depending on how recently they’ve been released.


Slim Fit Cotton/Nylon/Spandex Tech Chino – $23.99 ($29.99)

Target Slim Fit Cotton/Nylon/Spandex Tech Chino

Size Shown is a 33×30 slim fit on 5’10” / 190. These feel a bit like a cheaper version of the BR Core Temp. Fabric isn’t quite as good (not as lightweight, but they’re not an old-school heavyweight chino either). Fabric here is mostly cotton, with the rest being nylon and spandex. Waist band has an interior drawstring for a super precise fit. Some will like that, some will hate it. Nicely inexpensive. Just available in their slim fit. Four colors to choose from.


Slim Fit Jeans – $26.39 ($32.99)

Target slim fit jeans

Jeans for spring and summer? Sure thing, as long as the colors and fabric aren’t overly dark and weighty. Not a bad price for someone who wants to dip a toe in the light (or white!) denim thing, without sinking a boatload of cash into a style they might not feel like wearing all the time.


Slim Fit Stretch Oxford Long Sleeve Button-Down – $19.99 ($24.99)

Target Slim Fit Stretch Oxford Long Sleeve Button-Down

A basic OCBD in Target’s slim fit. White or blue. The basics. 96% cotton, 4% spandex.


8″ Pull-On Shorts with Drawstring Waist – $11.99 ($14.99)

Target drawstring shorts

Aptly named, they’re easy to pull on, come in a variety of colors, and hit at a great length that’s not too long nor too short. 98% cotton, 2% spandex.


8.5″ Elevated Knit Shorts – $16 ($20)

Target 8.5" Elevated Knit Shorts

Knit this time, unlike the woven, poplin like pull-on shorts shown above. 77% Cotton, 23% Polyester. Doing the athleisure thing in the warmer weather of spring and summer.


Denim Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt – $19.99 ($24.99)

Target Denim Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

Size shown is a small on Ryan, who is 5’9″/ 155. Excellent, versatile denim shirt, but without the “snaps” that often come with denim shirts, which makes this one play more like a chambray. I really like this idea from Target, because snaps can scream “cowboy wannabe” when done wrong. Not here. There’s just enough marl to the fabric here on the black option to keep it visually interesting, but not so much so that you go overboard (looking at you grey option).


Short Sleeve Henley – $11.99 ($14.99)

Target short sleeve henley

Drive came out over a decade ago. Sure the scorpion jacket was the star, but the white short sleeve henley had a nice wardrobe supporting too. Standard fit on these, doesn’t appear to be slim available.


Long Sleeve Henley – $11.99 ($14.99)

Target long sleeve henley

The same price as the short-sleeve option? Free sleeves??? Thanks Target! 60% cotton / 40% polyester. Standard fit, not slim fit.

The 20% off select shirts/tees/shorts/pants/jeans Target Circle deal expires Saturday 4/16.


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