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Ledbury: 20% off masks (men, women, kids) w/ MASK20

Let’s take a look at yours truly on January 1st 2020 when a time traveler from the future told me that in a few short months I’d have “nice masks” I’d irrationally save for good days, just like I “save” my nice shoes and shirts:

Life comes at you fast.

My Ledbury masks are my “good” masks. And now, they’re on sale.

Which is obviously unusual.

20% off for 40 hours only.

Final sale because, well, when you try them on you breathe into them.

It got a bit cold at the dappered home offices the other day, and during an early, early morning walk with the dog, the cold was making my nose run a bit. I wiped my nose with my glove, and there staring back at me was a tiny slime trail of nose goo on my gloved hand.

I thought to myself:

“This is how this gets real bad in the next few months.”

Especially as we all head indoors.

Hold the line. Help the cause. Wear a mask.

That’s it. Carry on.


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