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Buttoned Down Brand 100% Cashmere Cardigan – $51.80 ($139)

Can’t say enough good things about lightweight wool cardigans. I know some people think they’re dorky, but I swear they’re enormously versatile, can look weirdly good, and go great dressed up or dressed down. Here’s some proof:

A cardigan does not always = Mr. Rogers. Unless that’s precisely what you’re going for. They’re perfect for year-round use. Yes, even in the summer during unexpected cold snaps, after the sun goes down/before it comes up, or when the office AC gets weirdly aggressive. And unlike pullovers, taking it off/putting it on won’t leave your hair going 8000 different directions.

Personally I stick with merino from Amazon’s Goodthreads brand (literally wearing the heathered gray right now with a navy t-shirt and some “light stone” lululemon ABC pants). Those merino cardigans are $40. But for twelve bucks more, you can now upgrade to the nicer, more dressed up leaning “Buttoned Down Brand” and their 100% Cashmere cardigans.

Six colors. Almost all sizes at post time. 4.5/5 stars after 100+ reviews.

Cashmere like merino regulates your temperature. And it’ll breathe much, much better than cheaper cotton or cotton blends. That, and cashmere is soft. Really, really soft.

No idea why these have dropped so low in price, but… they have. No idea why the Amazon exclusive brand Buttoned Down doesn’t get more support from Amazon, but, it seems to be close to forgotten next to Goodthreads.

Huge thanks on the tip goes out to Matt T., who is almost certainly close to busting out the seersucker (and lightsaber) again.

That’s all.

Carry on.

I love that robe. And watching Snoop strut down a beach handing out beers.
I don’t know why, but these commercials make me happy.



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