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Staying at home for more than a year has left us all understandably rusty at many things that we took for granted. Without practice, our social skills have been left a little rough around the edges, but perhaps the most heavily affected skill is how to travel well.

Without the prospect of a holiday, it’s as though our minds completely erased all memory of what to pack and how to holiday. But, with travel back on the cards, it’s time to relearn and why not do it in style with these luxury travel essentials?

Purveyor of luxury in all of its guises, SSENSE knows a thing or two about traveling in style. With many of us hitting the airport for our first trip away in what seems like a lifetime, it makes sense that we go take no prisoners.

We’re talking the best suitcases, grooming sets, headphones, and even a Gucci passport holder. So, if you’re readying for some time away, make sure there are no half measures with our luxury travel essentials. Better still, you can take 15 percent off your holiday haul until November 1 when you enter code ‘FW2021’ at checkout.

Aside from your passport (and now negative COVID test), your suitcase is probably the most essential aspect of traveling. It makes sense that it’s the best place to really invest. This Master-Piece Suitcase is made from basically indestructible polycarbonate and features a subtle camo pattern throughout.

If you’re a Highsnobiety reader, it’s likely that you’re into clothing. If you’re into clothing, it’s likely that you know the struggle of an overpacked suitcase bursting at the seams. Baby Milo is here to save the day and keep everything locked in place.

Once you’ve sent your Master-Piece Suitcase down the conveyor belt, you’re going to need a bag to hand for other essentials. This leather Off-White™ bag is the ideal size and doesn’t skimp on style with Virgil’s now-signature meteor aesthetic.

Your passport naturally looks the same as all of your compatriots. Bring a bit of personality to yours with this Gucci passport holder cut from recycled materials.

Hospitals and airports are in fierce contention for the title of Worst Possible Lighting. With little or no natural light, white strip lighting can be a struggle for the old irises. Protect yours with extra attitude with this pair of John Sunglasses from TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist.

Another modern essential. Please, please, do not forget your mask. Copping a luxury iteration like this Rick Owens number might help you remember it.

Screaming children, late-arrival announcements, and sneakers squeaking on polished floors are the signature sounds of an airport. Maybe you’ll revel in them for 30 seconds when you first arrive at the airport but you’ll be over them very soon after. When you’re sick of them, slip on this pair of Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 Headphones to zone out.

Traveling in style also means taking care of yourself. Make sure that your hands and lips skip the dry, chapped stage of going on holiday. Hydration is key.

The key to a successful holiday is compartmentalization. Not only of your time — make sure you compartmentalize a lot of ‘me’ time — but also of your things. A little bag for each group of things will benefit you more than you think. It also gives the impression that you have your life together — always helps.

There really is no debate over which grooming products are central to a luxury travel essentials roundup. Aesop is the king of toiletries and this Nashville City Set has everything you could possibly need for a fresh holiday.

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