Stack Overflow co-founder Joel Spolsky:

Today we’re pleased to announce that Stack Overflow is joining
Prosus. Prosus is an investment and holding company, which
means that the most important part of this announcement is that
Stack Overflow will continue to operate independently, with the
exact same team in place that has been operating it, according to
the exact same plan and the exact same business practices. Don’t
expect to see major changes or awkward “synergies”. The business
of Stack Overflow will continue to focus on Reach and Relevance,
and Stack Overflow for Teams. The entire company is staying in
place: we just have different owners now.

This is, in some ways, the best possible outcome. Stack Overflow
stays independent. The company has plenty of cash on hand to
expand and deliver more features and fix the old broken ones.

Stack Overflow is far from perfect — what isn’t? — but the world would be a far worse place without it, so here’s to hoping that Prosus is a good steward.


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