On never fails to impress when it comes to running sneakers. Whether designed for running marathons or just errands, each release the Swiss brand brings out is packed with tech. And the Cloudstratus is no exception.

For those unfamiliar with the model, the Cloudstratus was released last year and caused a stir among runners for its distinguishing double-layer CloudTec sole. Featuring two layers of On’s signature cloud cushioning, it is the brand’s most highly cushioned shoe so far.

For Fall 2021, On has released the second generation of the Cloudstratus with a number of major updates. While the sole is unquestionably the shoe’s most defining feature, there’s a load more tech built into it that’s worth digging into. Read on as we do exactly that.

The first thing to note in the upper is its shape. As the Cloudstratus is intended to be worn for running distances five kilometers or more, it’s designed with a wider forefoot to give space for the toes to move and swell (which they do naturally over longer distances). The asymmetrical star-shaped lacing system ensures your foot stays tightly in place the whole time, as does the snugly constructed heel.

Another fact worth highlighting in the second generation Cloudstratus is that 75 percent of the polyester used in the breathable mesh upper is recycled.



As with every On shoe, the Cloudstratus’ midsole contains Speedboard technology, but here it’s coupled with Helion superfoam. Foam is one of the best cushioning materials around, but the downside is that it’s often heavy. Swiss-engineered Helion, however, is light, durable, and extremely responsive. Combining Speedboard with Helion is a winning combination, ensuring that as much of the energy generated by your foot hitting the ground is retained and then released as you push off.

In our previous feature on the Cloudnova, we explained the ingenuity of CloudTec cushioning. Rather than having one uniform cushioning unit, CloudTec is comprised of multiple “Clouds” that work independently, enabling them to adapt to each stride. In the Cloudstratus, On has double down and created a two-layered CloudTec sole for, in their words, “double the run”.

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