Princess or spy, Chinese traitor or Japanese freedom fighter, Yoshiko Kawashima had quite a life. She took her first breaths as a highborn Manchu Princess and her last with a scandalous reputation for being the “Mata Hari of the East.” Let’s turn the pages of the past and discover what led her away from royal life—and see if her wits were enough to save her from a dark fate.

Yoshiko Kawashima Facts

1. She Had Many Names

Our heroine was born Aisin Gioro Xianyu, and also had a clan name, a Chinese name, and was known as “Eastern Jewel” when she reached adulthood. Over the years, she was also called “The Joan of Arc of Manchuria,” the “number one woman spy in China,” and even an “evil genius.” This girl had a lot of names and nicknames, but her most famous moniker: Yoshiko Kawashima.

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