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Brand: Tommy Jeans x AAPE

Release Date: January 14

Buy:Tommy Jeans’ website, AAPE’s web store, select Tommy and AAPE stores, limited stockists

Editor’s Notes: OG streetwear silhouettes are transformed into contemporary wearables by Tommy Jeans and AAPE for their second collaborative effort, expanding on the throwback vibes explored in their previous summer capsule.

It’s a fitting partnership given the nature of each company’s origins.

Tommy Jeans is, obviously, a sub-set of the Tommy Hilfiger brand. It was launched in 2018 as a rebrand of Hilfiger Denim, Hilfiger’s original youth-centric mainline offshoot, with aims to capture the interest of Gen Z via snappy digital content and timely drops that mirror the interest in retro fashion sparked by outlets like Depop and Tiktok.

AAPE was launched in 2012 by a newly NIGO-free BAPE (he stopped directing BAPE collections when the company was purchased by I.T in 2011 though he remained on the board until 2013) to target a very similar youth market with trend-conscious, graphic-heavy designs.

No surprise that the ensuing partnership is rife with vintage-inspired apparel like fleece-lined windbreakers, stonewashed denim jackets, matching cargo jeans, and a full-zip AAPE hoodie, all decked-out in timelessly out-of-time plaids and AAPE camo.

All the goods are laden with unmissable logos and cut loose to properly affect the throwback aesthetic.

Then, Tommy Jeans and AAPE went the extra mile to affect an old-school feel by bringing a crew of young skaters on-board to shred New York as they model the collaborative items.

It’s not as heavily-stylized as actual ’90s skate vids (still gotta see the garms, of course) but the campaign video affects a similarly warm, communal feel.


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