Pamela Harriman was a wealthy country girl with big dreams. During a time when women only dreamed of equal opportunity, Pamela used her refined manners and seductive prowess to woo powerful men in high places. Her ambition was tantamount, and by entertaining romances with famous men, she climbed her way to the very top. She was, in every way, both a masterful businesswoman and a bewitching lover.

1. She Had Humble Beginnings

Pamela Harriman, born Pamela Digby, entered the world on March 20, 1920. Her parents, Edward and Constance, laid their firstborn to rest in an interesting crib—the bottom drawer of a wooden chest. But this simple bedding was but a cozy substitute for the bright nursery that awaited her at Minterne Magna, a large manor and property that promised nothing but a delightful childhood.

Whatever her humble beginnings, Pamela had a larger-than-life path ahead of her.

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