Emergency dispatchers hear it all: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Wait, maybe not the good. When they’re not guiding people through their worst, most traumatic moments, dispatchers also have the pleasure of dealing with the ridiculous, stupid, and petty. These emergency workers shared their stories on Reddit about the most unforgettable calls they’ve ever dealt with—from the terrifying to the bizarre—and they’re absolutely jaw-dropping. 

1. The Elephant In The Room

An old woman called, extremely confused, because she said that there was an elephant in her back garden. I question her but she is insistent that there is a fully grown elephant in her garden. She’s frightened—probably because she thinks there is a giant elephant in her back garden. The immediate assumption is that this woman may have dementia.

An officer is sent to do a welfare check on the poor woman. When he got to her house, she let him inside and took him through to the kitchen to look out into her garden and, yep, there was an elephant, and it was eating her plants. The officer called for backup. Turns out there was a circus relatively nearby and the elephant had escaped overnight.


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