TL;DR: As of Dec. 4, get a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Allergy Test My Pet Kit Bundle for $96 instead of $178 — that’s 46% off with the code CMSAVE20.

If you adopted your furry best friend, you’ve probably spent countless hours wondering where your dog came from. Whether you want to find out for yourself or gift this kit to another pup parent in your life, now is the perfect time to shop for the dog DNA kit you’ve always wanted.

For a limited time, you can get both the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test and Allergy Test My Pet Kit for only $96 with the code CMSAVE20. Together, they’re usually $178, so you’ll be saving 46%.

The best part of these DNA test kits is how easy and painless it is for you to get the sample you need to send back to the lab. All you have to do is swab your dog’s cheek and send the sample back in the included envelope. From there, simply wait about two weeks to receive your dog’s full DNA and health report. The allergy test will give you insight into 100 different environmental or household allergens that may be causing your dog to suffer.

Beyond allergies and dog breed, you can discover your dog’s unique personality traits and troubleshoot potential health risks and disease concerns that may arise in the future. Discovering your dog’s genetic background can be a powerful tool in helping your dog live his best and healthiest life possible. If there’s a true dog lover in your life, gifting this kit for the holidays is the ultimate thoughtful present for someone you love.

We’ve featured the DNA My Dog kit before, but this video dives a little deeper:

Snag both test kits for just $96 while this Cyber Monday sale is still live. Just key in the code CMSAVE20 at checkout to slash the original $178 price tag by 46%.

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