Save 33% on an air purifier that runs quietly

TL;DR: The Sans HEPA Air Purifier will help you breathe a little easier — and it’s on sale for 33% off. As of June 3, get one for only $299.99.

The Sans HEPA Air Purifier works with precise sensors to first accurately measure the air quality around the device and in the room, and then adjust as necessary to purify the air. (That means it doesn’t overrun and use energy when it doesn’t have to.) It can cover up to 780 square feet of space.

First, the air in your home goes through a pre-filter system to filter out larger pollutants that you can see, like hair and dust and debris floating around. Then the HEPA 13 filter gets to work, working to eliminate smaller particles that you won’t be able to spot. Activated carbon even neutralizes odors to help the air smell fresher as well.  Read more…

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