Ron Watkins seems to admit he's Q, in the dumbest possible ending to QAnon

QAnon is both the most bonkers and unfounded conspiracy theory in the world. Yet for years it has been perhaps the most powerful. 

Q believers have ascended to CongressRepublicanism and Q are so intwined their differences are essentially indistinguishable. 

The identity of Q — whom believers falsely think is a high-level military or government official who is bringing down a cabal of Satan-worshipping Democratic elites — was all but revealed in a HBO documentary that aired on SundayThe end to the 6-part Q: Into the Storm was so anticlimactic it bordered on absurd. 

Ron Watkins, who owns and runs 8kun (formerly 8chan), basically admitted he posted as Q in the finale of the documentary. It appeared to be an accident, or a winking “accident” to get credit.  Read more…

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