I will remove any kind of malware (Virus, Adware, URL Injection etc) from WordPress, Magento, Php, Drupal, Any kind of website in no time.

Malware Removal (Remove Google, Norton, Mcafee Blacklist; Deceptive warning).
Adding Security Measures to prevent future attacks.
Blacklist Removal.
Deceptive Warning Removal.
I will remove malware from your server & Add Extra security.
I can help with iframe hacks, JavaScript hacks, base64 hacks
100% Malware Removal.
100% satisfaction with money back Guarantee.

Why It Unique?

I don’t rely on any online or other software/tools/plugins to clean malware, I have my own scripts to detect malware so I can assure you to have a 100% clean website from malware.
We take a full back up of your website files and database

2. We cleanse this locally, removing all viruses that are detected
3. We add our latest secure version of WordPress
(This comes packed with security benefits and our security monitoring plugin)
4. Other files are manually checked before then uploading to our testing server
5. Once on our testing server an in-depth virus/exploit scan is done

Experience: I have 8 years of experience cleaning 2000+ malware-infected WordPress websites.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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