Popular K-pop girl group Twice joined Jimmy Fallon on Friday for the debut performance of their highly anticipated English single “The Feels,” giving fans the very first look at the bubbly song’s full choreography. Though Twice has previously covered songs such as The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” in English, “The Feels” is the nine-member group’s first original song in the language, and marks their strongest push into the Western market to date.

Usually K-pop groups debut their new choreography on Korean music shows, so Twice premiering their performance of “The Feels” on The Tonight Show is a notable change. (It also only features eight of the group’s members, as vocalist Jeongyeon is on hiatus due to health issues.) This isn’t first time a K-pop routine has had its first outing on a U.S. late night show though, with BTS having given their debut performance of “Permission to Dance” on Fallon in July.

Formed in 2016, Twice is the best-selling girl group in both South Korea and Japan, and the second Korean girl group to ever chart in Billboard 200’s top 10 after Blackpink. Their huge fan base isn’t without reason, with their bright, optimistic, and catchy songs complimented by a cute yet mature image. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of K-pop beyond BTS and Blackpink, Twice’s ridiculously addictive singles such as “TT,” “What Is Love?,” and “Fancy” are a pretty good place to start.


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