Plugable introduced the latest iteration of its top-rated hub with the launch of the USBC-7IN1E during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

Plugable big.png

It brings back the features of its predecessor. And the new USB-C hub now features an Ethernet port for advanced connectivity, plus 4K 60Hz functionality over HDMI. Easily transform one USB-C port into 7 additional ports, connecting an HDMI monitor, 2 USB devices, a microSD and full-sized SD card, an Ethernet connection, and a USB-C pass-through port for the ability to charge your laptop all through one USB-C cable back to your laptop. The USBC-7IN1E is available on Amazon in the US , Canada , UK , and Australia , Newegg, and Walmart for US$34.95 with a $5 off coupon on Amazon. 

All Plugable products are backed by a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Washington-based email customer service support. 


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