Up Your Necktie Game – Get The Perfect Tie Dimple

Get The Perfect DimpleYou’re wearing an impeccable suit for this event.

Great –

so is every man in the room.

What sets you apart?

What separates the standard menswear uniform…

from eye-catching, high-class style?


You’ll want to have eye-catching accessories and maybe a distinctive tie knot – and when you tie that knot you’ll want to tie it with a dimple. A tie dimple is exactly what it sounds like: a slight fold or indentation in the fabric of your tie just below the knot.

Contrary to what you might think men’s neckties aren’t really supposed to lie perfectly flat. A glance back to the age of cravats shows us that they’re intended to have a bit of structure in order to become the focal point of the suit they’re meant to be.

A tie dimple is a classic sartorial flourish that adds personality to a tie that would otherwise just flop there. It gives the tie dimension – as well as inviting the eye to linger on any fancy knot work you’ve done.

I’m going to show you how in today’s video.


Click Here To Watch The Video – Up Your Necktie Game

Click Here To Watch The Video – Get The Perfect Tie Dimple


Here are two easy methods for crafting the perfect dimple. These work with all different tie knots. For each, tie your tie using your favorite knot method – but stop just short of pulling it tight.


mens-necktie-dimple1. From The Top

Your loosely-knotted tie will have a loop of fabric just above what will be the visible part of the knot. Grab this loop and pinch it so that its two far edges touch each other. Hold it that way with one hand.

Use your other hand to gently pull the fabric through the knot – the fold you made should stay visible as you do. Finally pull the knot up to your neck, allowing the fold you made to become a crisp dimple.


2. From The Bottom

Use your middle finger to create a dimple and your thumb and pointer finger to fold the tie at the edges of the dimple you’re creating.

With your other hand, grab the knot and gently pull the fabric through it – keeping the dimple formed as you do.


Bonus: The Quick Fix

Another option at your disposal is to simply pinch the tie just below the knot – folding the fabric in a “w” shape – before you tighten it. Give it one final pinch after tightening and you’ll have some shape to your tie for the rest of the day – although this method won’t give you the same level of dimension that the previous two will.


Parting Tips

This is much easier with broader ties and slimmer knot styles. It’s easier to get a dimple with a four-in-hand than a full Windsor. If you’re having trouble creating the shape you want with your usual knot, try an alternative style and think thin.

It’s also important to note that not every material will allow a tie to do this. High-quality formal ties made of ribbed silk or cashmere work best.


Attention to detail shows the intentional nature of your outfit. Even if you won’t be going among classic menswear aficionados, people will still subtly register that you look a little more like a portrait on the cover of a glossy business magazine and a little less like a guy who rented everything from Men’s Wearhouse a few days ago – and that WILL change the way they think about you.

More of a visual learner? Click here for an infographic showing both methods.


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