Doctor’s offices are a perfect storm of awkwardness. They’re a place where every single one of us needs to go, yet they are also a place where all the boundaries of normal life disappear. Not to mention, our physical vulnerabilities are on full display for someone we hardly know to inspect and analyze. Under those circumstances, is it any wonder that doctor’s offices are the source of tons of awkward and embarrassing moments for so many people? Here are 50 unforgettable stories of extremely awkward doctor’s office moments.

1. A Minor Miscommunication

When I was about eight or nine years old, I had to get a routine physical in order to participate in sports at my school. My dad took me to the doctor. Everything went great until the doctor told my dad he needed to get a urine sample. My dad hands me the cup and tells me to go to the bathroom, do my business in the cup, and bring it back to him.

I, being a bit naive, did not know what urine was, so I went into the bathroom and promptly pooped in the cup. My dad was waiting for me near the front desk of the doctor’s office since we were leaving after turning in the cup. I proudly walked up, handed the cup to my dad, and said, “Is this enough or should I go back and scoop up some more from the bowl?”

The nurse at the desk looked up and nearly spit her coffee out all over my dad when she saw what I had done. In a very abrupt tone, he quickly set the cup on the desk and said, “We are leaving right now.” I didn’t understand what was wrong until later that night when my mom came into my room to explain my mistake to me.


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