To celebrate the 40th-anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, Japanese eyewear purveyor OWNDAYS has crafted an RX-78-2 Head Glasses Case and accompany frame series.

The 1:7 scale head-shaped holder is modeled after the iconic look of the original Gundam piloted by Amuro Ray. Complete with all the technical panels, the glasses case features compartments that slide out and open to hold an assortment of frames. The accompanying frame series is crafted of stainless steel and expresses colors tied to the RX-78-2, Dom Trooper and Zaku Mobile Suits.

No word yet on how to purchase the RX-78-2 Head Glasses Case and accompanying frames, but OWNDAYS is expected to release the Mobile Suit Gundam  40th-anniversary items sometime January 2020.

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