Holy hell this new project from Zane, a mononymous developer who just dropped this out of the blue yesterday. It’s available via TestFlight (the first one is full already, though) and as open source code you can build yourself.

It’s exquisitely well done, very fun to play with, and surprisingly usable. And what a remarkable testimony to the expressiveness of SwiftUI.

Once you get past the surface aesthetic differences, it’s also interesting as a way to remember how many little things iOS has added over the years. iOS is so much richer now. You couldn’t do anything in list views back then, for example. E.g., if you wanted to delete a note in Notes, you had to open the note and tap the Trash button. In a view hierarchy, you couldn’t go back by swiping from the left edge of the display; you had to tap the navigation bar’s Back button.

I remember feeling the same way going back to, say, System 6 (1988) after taking for granted all the new features and conveniences added between then and Mac OS 8.6 (1999). A decade is a long time.


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