I think it was Madonna who said “Life is a Mystery.” Well, these nurses have had to explain that mystery to some patients who must have slept through health class in high school. These clueless patients didn’t seem to have any information about basic anatomy, simple hospital procedures, or even how to put a pill in their mouth. For these nurses, life is more like a “misery.”

1. A Pain In The Neck

I was giving a grown patient IV Benadryl for a rash and itching on the upper body. The IV was in the right arm so I started to give the medication into the right arm. The patient panicked when I said I was done. “What do you mean you’re done? You only put it in my right arm, my left is itching too!” I calmly explained that putting medication in the IV sends it to the whole body. She exclaimed, “You mean it even goes to my neck?” I said yes, and she said wow.


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