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Sustainability is one of the most important topics within fashion at the moment, and Swedish label Nudie Jeans is continuing to find new ways to better its practices and become more responsible – something that has been key to Highsnobiety, and is highlighted in our Better Earth Manual.

Teaming up with London-based retailer Browns Fashion, Nudie Jeans has created a collection of 16 denim pieces, all reworked from pre-existing denim. Pieces of salvaged denim have been patched and repaired by hand, mended with indigo patches and vintage Japanese fabrics, creating unique pieces that are just as great to wear as they are to hang on your wall. “There’s something beautiful in mending them – improving them, making the imperfections part of something new,” said co-founder Maria Erixon Levin

Its ethically produced denim is only the beginning of Nudie Jeans’ sustainable practices. All garments are made from certified organic cotton, and the brand also offers free repairs to extend the life of its garments and reduces waste and unnecessary consumption of raw materials.

For context, last year Nudie Jeans repaired over 46,000 pairs of jeans which resulted in saving approximately 321,000 tons of water, making a big difference in its impact on the planet.

By partnering with Browns Fashion, Nudie Jeans is spreading its message internationally, and has also put together an installation in-store at Browns East to showcase some of the 16-piece collection. The label hopes to inspire others in the industry to adopt similar practices, and to encourage brands to be responsible.

The Highsnobiety Better Earth Manual is a guide for style enthusiasts in the age of ecological crisis — a crisis caused in part by the fashion itself. Here, you’ll find a growing set of resources about conscious consumption and the pioneers who are making change in our industry.


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