No one said all jobs had to be fun. Most of us are in it to show up, get our money, and get out. But there’s a huge difference between your run-of-the-mill bad day at work and, well…these stories. Nightmare customers. Horrible bosses. Disgusting tasks. I wouldn’t put up with any of these jobs for any paycheck on earth.

1. Reasonable

I worked at Blockbuster in college for chump change. A bunch of dudes once shoplifted the heck out of us. My coworker and I noticed and confronted them about it, and they ran out the door. When the district manager asked why I didn’t put myself between them and the door to protect the merchandise, I told him that for minimum wage, I’m not putting myself in danger to keep a giant corporation from losing some Twizzlers and copies of Friday and Armageddon.


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