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New Balance is talking Shutter Speed – not the camera setting, the new PMV Shutter Speed running jacket. 

Hitting the streets for a late-night city run can prove a pretty sketchy activity, especially as we roll into winter. You step out to a reasonably blue sky, and 5k into your run, you’re suddenly sunken into darkness. There are plenty of 3M reflective options out there, but if you’re looking for maximum impact, NB might have the solution. 

When it comes to modern design, multi-functionality is a cornerstone. Nobody wants to buy two products to fulfil separate needs if they can invest in one, which is why New Balance has tailored this jacket for both day and night runs. 

During the day, you’ve got a pretty standard sleek, black running jacket. Aesthetically, nothing too crazy. Come night, the black base reflects light to a high degree, transforming into an unmissable iridescent metallic surface that’ll ensure you’re visible on the darkest winter runs. 

Of course, aesthetics alone aren’t enough when narrowing down your selection of running gear. Looking good is great but tackling the weather is essential. NB’s Wind Defy tech offers precisely what the name suggests, the ability to tackle the wind head-on and maintain a balanced temperature while doing so.

The final touch is the addition of Lucent Touch pocketing technology that allows runners to use their device without removing it from the pocket window. No more fiddling around with cold fingers and risking a shattered screen as you hit a pace. 

Limber up – the New Balance PMV Shutter Speed jacket is available online now


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