MSCHF‘s next stunt: selling 2,755 Lamborginis for $35 each.

In partnership with YouTuber MrBeast, the art collective just launched their latest drop, Everyone Gets a Car.

The title is self-explanatory — for $35, you can secure your very own Lambo. But, until the car arrives at your door, you won’t know if you bought a toy model, a remote control car, a kiddie car, or a full-sized vehicle.

Out of the 2,755 automobiles entrants might receive, only one is a pre-owned Lamborghini Aventador Coupe — a ride that retails for approximately $300,000. Four are preowned Lamborghini Gallardos, which go for around $100,000 each.

250 second-place winners will receive a Lamborghini Aventador Ride-On Car — essentially a battery-powered car for kids.

The consolation prize for 2,500 third-place winners is a 1:24 scale remote control Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Much like MSCHF’s other drops, Everyone Gets a Car operates on the same tantalizing model that makes lotto tickets so appealing: the odds aren’t great, but for a nominal fee, it’s worth taking a shot.

In October, the Brooklyn-based pranksters purchased an original Andy Warhol for $20,000 and promptly made 999 forgeries of the drawing, allegedly obliterating any evidence of which was the real deal.

All 1,000 editions were sold for $250. MSCHF managed to seduce participants into making a purchase, without knowing exactly what they were paying for — the same magic of Everyone Gets a Car.

MrBeast is no stranger to the, well, mischievous world of MSCHF.

In 2020, the duo released a mobile game called Finger on the App, which challenged players to hold a finger to the screen of their smartphone for as long as possible.

Ultimately, four people kept a finger in place for over 70 hours, a feat that won them each $20,000. MrBeast recreated a similar stunt with an actual Lamborghini in a recent viral video.

Everyone Gets a Car launches at a dedicated website on November 22 at 11 a.m. EST. So go ahead, try your luck — after all, everyone wins.


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