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Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month. You’ll find new arrivals and old favorites, especially good deals, or maybe something pricey to keep an eye on for future sales. The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Got a tip on something that deserves to end up in the monthly Most Wanted? Send those in to joe@dappered.com.


Tie Bar Tipped Cotton Sweater Polos – $45

Tie Bar Tipped Cotton Sweater Polos

A heads up that our annual polopalooza (best polos of the year) round up is coming up fast, and this cotton sweater polo from Tie Bar is making a case for being one of the best. Comes in the basic colors like navy, black, and sky blue, but they also made them in a bunch of different, not-so-expected shades like lilac, tan, and the jade green shown above. 100% Mercerized Cotton. They are tagged as dry clean only though. Which is a drag. Thought they were machine wash at one point? Musta been mistaken.


On “The Roger Advantage” Sneakers – $139.99

On "The Roger Advantage" Sneakers

So these “On” shoes are everywhere. But their hollow-tooth soles are quite strange looking. Yet a lot of people rave about how comfortable they are. But again. The soles. Enter Roger Federer! Wait, what? On is a Swiss brand. Federer is Swiss. He also has great style. And his signature sneaker(s) with On lose the “lugs with holes” look in favor of something a little more classic. Still kinda future-y? Yes. Will they be loved by all? Probably not. But if they really are as comfortable as people say they are, then there’s real potential here. Big thanks to our guy Jason for the tip on these.


Spier & Mackay Sharkskin Wool Suits – $368

Spier & Mackay Sharkskin Wool Suits

Getting lots of play this week in the wedding style scenarios, and for good reason. Sharkskin suiting fabrics aren’t nearly as shiny as you may think. They’re sharp but quiet. Not bright and garish. The “sheen” comes from how the cloth is woven, when a couple of different colors of thread bang up against each other. Think birds-eye, only… no “eyes”. No dots. Just extraordinarily small lines coming together to make a “solid” with real visual texture. The asking price for Spier’s suits are still beyond reasonable. Super 110s wool. Half canvas. Lightly padded shoulders. And two timeless cuts: Slim, and a more athletic leaning Contemporary.


Magnanni Suede Cap Toe Double Monks – $189.97 ($325)

Magnanni Suede Cap Toe Double Monks

And now some suede shoes to go with those sharkskin wool suits. Boy those look rich. Cognac suede. Simple cap toe. Made in Portugal. On sale via Nordstrom Rack. Ships free since they’re well north of the $89 threshold, but know that returns through the post will cost you a pre-paid label.


J. Crew “Unsuit” Cotton/Linen Sportcoats – $198 – $218

J. Crew "Unsuit" Cotton/Linen Sportcoats

They’re back! J. Crew’s excellent, easy-wearing, super breathable “unsuit” style suit-jackets/sportcoats have returned for another run. Shown above in the “deep water” option from a few years back, but it appears to be unchanged for 2022. Also available in cream, dark navy, and a blue-glen plaid option at the higher-priced, $218 tier. Here’s to hoping they go on sale/up for a code at some point. They also make matching pants, if you want to do the super-laid-back summer suit thing.

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