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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Banana Republic FACTORY: 50% off + additional 20% off (no code necessary)

Banana Republic Factory menswear

Are there exclusions? Yes! Are there major stock shortages on sizes? You bet! It’s 2022 people! Huzzah! But there’s still some serious steals in there. Remember that this is BR’s step down “factory” brand, so a lot of items won’t have the feel or fit of a mainline BR product. Head here for an in person look/our round up on a lot of this stuff. Deal (and it’s as good as it gets for B.R.F.) expires today, 4/18/22.


Bespoke Post: Timex Q Diver – $129 for club members ($179)

Timex Q Diver

A heads up if you’re a Bespoke Post member (many of us are, fully acknowledging that far from all are) that every so often they run some member specials. And the Timex Q Reissue in the O.G. red and blue bezel is on sale this month. Tough to find on sale these days. Full review here if you’d like it. Big thanks to our man Ryan (he very much of the BR Factory Round Up! It’s a Ryan-centric Tripod! It’s a… RyPod!) for the tip here.


Brooks Brothers: Two 1818 suits for $1199 w/ BC1818 (normally around $1000 per. Made in the USA or Italy.)

Brooks Brothers 1818 suits

So there’s two stacking deals going on here. The two for $1499 1818 suits deal is nice, but somehow and someway the perpetually running 20% off code BC1818 also applies. That stacks to leave you with one of their Italian (or USA) made suits for six hundred bucks. That’s awfully good for the Brooks Brothers fans out there. Note that both trouser hems AND sleeve cuffs come unfinished (they include buttons for the sleeves). So you’ll have to schedule a visit to a tailor. Nice to see that despite all the changes Brooks Brothers is going through, they’re still making their 1818 suits in the USA or Italy.


BONUS  Spier & Mackay: 20% off select sportcoats & outerwear w/ EASTER

Spier and Mackay menswear

A late addition to Thursday’s handful, so worth another mention here. Runs through today. Some dressed up styles, some NOT dressed up styles (like sweatpants). That diagonal textured super 130s(!) stretch wool, unstructured blazer looks like the business. Kinda like a mega fancy version of the one J. Crew used to make.


BONUS II  A quick in-person look at the MoonSwatch (via Peter S.)

Big thanks to Peter S. who was in Las Vegas and got in person with the new Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch chronograph. Here’s what he had to say:

I’m in Vegas for the week and saw the Omega/Swatch watches in the wild (well, in a fancy case behind a display window). The watches themselves look nice but I was unimpressed by the bands… seem a little gaudy/plastic-y with the big Omega logo. I went in search of one that was actually for sale. Apparently the Swatch store in the New York, New York casino is the only swatch store in Vegas that sells them but they are still selling out as soon as they show up at a store. I was told they will eventually go on sale online.

The bioceramic material is interesting. Looks like plastic but feels more upscale (swatch has a lot of other watches made from the same material)… but they lack heft. The guy in the store was selling the durability of the bioceramic case… in case I actually happen to wear it on a trip to the moon? With a new strap, a couple of the color combos could look really nice. Definitely a safer way to gamble on a couple hundred bucks than just about anything else in Vegas.

And there you have it. Huge thanks to Peter S. for this!


Also worth a mention…


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