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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Huckberry: Taylor Stitch Apres Pants 2 for $198 (reg $118 per)

Taylor Stitch Apres Pants

Welcome to “Splurge Sweats City“… population… you? Listen, not all of us “get” spending $118 (or in this case $99 if you buy two pairs) on freaking sweat pants. But to Taylor Stitch’s credit, these don’t appear to be an average pair of wal-mart terry fabric crap-a-hoolas. Instead, you’re getting breathable double cloth organic cotton waffle fabric, antique brass tipped drawcords, and two front slash pockets and two button through patch pockets on the rear. Yes they look great. Miles ahead of standard sweats. If you can bring yourself to drop a benjamin on sweatpants though (when you buy two, again, you have to buy two to get the discount), that’s up to you.


Nordstrom: New Items Added to Sale Section

Nordstrom menswear

Meanwhile in the land of 7,000 sale items, Nordy sent out a promo email yesterday touting “new items added to sale.” Which does seem true. Lots of it is price matched though, and no word on when those matched prices expire… since they’re probably matching those discounts across various retailers. It all ships and returns for free. Which is always helpful.


Spier & Mackay: Save $20 per shirt when you buy 2 or more select shirts

Spier & Mackay Shirts

The Combo Pick: White Fine Twill ($49) + Medium Blue Fine Twill ($49) = $58 total ($98)

It’s another bundle deal. And y’know what’s nice? It’s not twenty bucks off total. It’s twenty off PER SHIRT when you buy two or more. Dress shirts, oxfords, lots to pick from in there. Although sizes and fits can be a bit scattered depending on what model you’re targeting. A sneaky nice deal for the Spier shirt fans.


BONUS  Bespoke Post: Their “Destination” Garment Duffle is back – $45

Bespoke Post Destination Garment Duffle

Whoo hooo! Look at that bag fly! Garment duffles like this are NOT cheap. They often go for hundreds of bucks. So it’s nice to see Bespoke Post bringing back their “destination” box of awesome, which goes for just $45. Review can be found here, when it went by a slightly different brand name.


BONUS II  Nordstrom Rack: Timex x Todd Snyder The Mod Watch – $44.98 – $59.97 ($138)

Timex x Todd Snyder The Mod Watch

For those that want a little bullseye mod style on their wrist… for cheap. The green option is the cheap one. Now under $45, but since it’s Nordstrom Rack and not big brother Nordstrom, these things won’t ship for free unless you trip the $89 free shipping threshold. Should be $5.95 or $7.95 to ship under $89, depending if you have anything else in your bag. Big thanks to our man Brandon D. for the tip here.


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