Paul Roberts, reporting for The Seattle Times:

In a sign of growing momentum for vaccine mandates, Microsoft has
reversed course and will now require employees to be fully
vaccinated to enter the company’s U.S. offices and other
worksites, starting next month.

The Redmond-based tech giant told employees Tuesday it will
“require proof of vaccination for all employees, vendors, and any
guests entering Microsoft buildings in the U.S.”

The company also said it will have a process to accommodate
employees “who have a medical condition or other protected reason,
such as religion, which prevent them from getting vaccinated.”

Accommodations for medical conditions that preclude being vaccinated are common sense. But fuck these “religious” exemptions. If your “religion” forbids you from being vaccinated, that’s not a religion, that’s a cult.

So where’s Apple on this? Why isn’t Apple requiring proof of vaccination for employees, including for retail employees and customers? Why reserve courageous decisions only for removing headphone jacks?


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