It’s the weekend, baby!

With the VMAs and New York Fashion Week in the proverbial bag following a few major shows, headline-worthy events and emerging must-knows, it was time for the next major moment in fashion: the Met Gala.

Celebs stormed the red carpet, yielding shocking lows and the occasional high. Gigi flexed, Kim hid, Timothée slouched, and Justin, uh, really slouched. And Grimes wielded a sword.

As for the actual Met exhibit, we both loathed and liked it.

Meanwhile, Nigo took over KENZO, White Mountaineering collaborated with UNIQLO, Apple dropped a new iPhone, Drake dished new Nocta, LeBron hit the road, and James Bond gear — both bad and good — dropped.

Speaking of drops, Playboi Carti did something.

But in terms of actual drops, we saw new kicks from the likes of National Geographic x Reebok, A$AP Rocky NOAH, Alpha Industries, Nike, and Billie Eilish. And Billie Eilish, again.

Below, relive some of the week’s standout moments. If you need us, we’ll be logging onto Russia’s Grailed.

“Nobody wants an empty vessel. Now you have to bring more than just beauty: everyone is fed up with perfect.”

“So why are acts — particularly in the worlds of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music — towing to a trend that doesn’t look to be waning any time soon? And what impact is it having?”

“Modeled by a nearly all-Asian cast, the collection is cerebral camp, style with attitude. Retooling costume-y, kitschy symbols of America in jade and silk, Shui flips a middle finger to the entire concept of tropes.”

Spencer Phipps photo

“If you can make it fun, you can include people. It’s like, ‘no, actually, you don’t have to wear naturally-dyed linens for the rest of your life — you can also wear vintage motocross pants!’”

“Ah, the pre-iPhone era, how could we forget it? No touchscreens and no Instagram might sound like a nightmare, but the pinnacle of function – wearing your phone as an accessory — is everything but.”


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