Men’s Style Items I NEVER Wear

Men’s style is about finding what works.Items I never wear

For you.

I often get asked what things I never wear.

It’s about learning and experimenting.

Trying new things.

And having fun in the process.

When it comes to men’s style, there are items I find incredibly stylish but just don’t use as part of my daily wardrobe.

I’m going to show you what these items are and discuss the reasons the reasons I never wear them.


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Ascot Scarf

The Ascot Scarf is 1 item you’ll probably never see me wear. I’ve got nothing against the Ascott Scarf but it doesn’t fit my personal style.

There’s a time and a place for it. If you want a great video on how to wear an Ascott, I recommend you check out Rafael Schneider at the Gentleman’s Gazette. Rafael has practised with it, he’s confident wearing it and he’s perfected the Ascot style.

But for me – no. It’s not something I’m likely to cover here at Real Men Real Style.

Check out Rafael’s video on ascots and cravats here if you want to learn more about it.

Men's StyleBoutonniere

I love the Boutonniere.

I even own a couple of jackets complete with the Boutonniere hole in the lapel. But from a practical point of view I find they stand out too much and detract from the subject of my videos.

So do I like them? Yes.

Are you going to see them in my videos? Well, I’ve worn them a couple of times in the past but for the most part… No.


Suspenders look great on the right man and bring in a lot of additional styling options – with different colors, styles and patterns. They’re a great alternative to a belt and are very functional (they keep your pants up, right?). Suspenders are central to some men’s style.

But I’ve decided not to make them part of my wardrobe. I’ve nothing against them. Suspenders: I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal. It’s not you, it’s me.

Do you wear them? Take a look at the RMRS Infographic on how to wear suspenders.

Loud Shirts

I rarely wear loud shirts. A couple of years ago I tried them out in a few on my videos and found they didn’t work for me. You guys told me in no uncertain terms that the patterns were distracting. Now I try and ensure the shirts I use look great but don’t detract from what I’m trying to say in my videos. You will see that the shirt I’m wearing in the accompanying video has a simple pattern and is matched with a solid jacket.

Sometimes, subtle is best.

Men's StyleBracelets

It’s always good to try new things. I’ve tried bracelets. I gave them a month but they weren’t for me.

I prefer functional accessories like the wrist-watch and couldn’t become accustomed to wearing additional jewellery.

They’re not for me but bracelets work for lots of men. So if you can make it them work – go for it!

And if you wear them, be sure to read our guide to bracelets.

Men's StyleSuits

This will come as a surprise to you: I rarely wear a suit.

By suits, I mean a jacket and trousers made from the same material.

In my hometown, I’ll wear jeans the majority of the time and my wardrobe is composed mostly of sports jackets.

I will wear suits at important functions. For example, if I’m going to be speaking at an event – I will wear a suit on stage.

But when I’m here in the office – I’ll go with a sports jacket instead.

Click here to read my article on choosing a Sports Jacket.


I used to wear neckties all the time but nowadays I don’t as much.

I’m not against neckties but I find it’s just another accessory to add to my outfit before an already busy working day. They can be surplus to requirements.

I understand the importance of the necktie and when to use them so you will see them feature in some of my videos – but not often.

Make sure you read our article – 9 Neckties Every Man Should Own.

Men's StyleBlack Dress Shoes

I own about 50 pairs of shoes. Most of them are dress shoes and 2 of these pairs are black.

Black dress shoes could be thought of as the epitome of men’s style: they are are a great staple item and they have their place but I’ve moved on to oxblood and alternative colors such as medium brown and dark brown.

Read the RMRS guide to dress shoes every man should own.

Driving Shoes or Moccasins

Driving shoes are comfortable and stylish but are totally impractical for anything other than driving. I once spent a day walking around New York in them and found they began to wear out very quickly.

I just can’t find a way to bring these shoes into my wardrobe.  As a result, the few pairs I own are used rarely – if at all.

Dress Sneakers

To date, I’ve haven’t worn Dress Sneakers on a regular basis but watch this space as I think they’re going to become a modern classic in men’s style.

I don’t own a pair in my size but you will start to see me feature them more in the future. Keep your eyes peeled!

Men's StyleHeadwear

When it’s cold outside, I wear protective headwear. I own a hat/cap I from my time in Ukraine. It’s stylish and has ear protection but there aren’t many opportunities to pull it off here in the US.

When I was in the Blue Mountains in Australia, I was gifted an Akubra hat. It has meaning and it reminds me of my time there.

It looks great and perhaps I’ll start to wear it more often when I find a way to bring it into my wardrobe. Make sure you watch my video and use the comments to let me know what you think!

It’s important to find an opportunity to wear headwear on a regular basis so it becomes natural to you.

Check out my article on 9 classic hat styles.


Here’s a little-known fact: I wore eyeglasses in my childhood – from about 5th grade to 9th grade. Around Freshman time, I was told by a girl that I looked great without them and guess what? I never put them on again!

Although functional, eyeglasses are a great accessory and one which more men should experiment and have fun with. In 5 or 10 years I may need them but for the time being, I’m not required to wear them, so I don’t.

There you have it gents. The items I never wear. Disagree? Want to see me start wearing one or two of them? Want to see me do a video on something else? Let’s talk about it. I’d love to hear from you. Click here to contact me. Looking forward to it!

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