I want to start the week sharing a cool outfit with you guys. Black is always my favorite color and as long as you have nice shoes and nice accessories to finish the look you will never go wrong.

The polo shirt is also a classic and in order to make the look a little more stylish I went with some bold shoes (these loafers are discontinued from AxelArigato).

See my other outfit with theses accessories
See my other outfit with theses accessories – Visit Page

As you can see you don’t need to have a lot of stuff in order to put a cool look together. It’s a matter of how you mix and match things and owning the right key pieces.

Be Confident

Just as smiling (including a fake smile) releases chemicals in your brain that actually lifts your mood, I believe dressing up is very similar, it lifts your self-esteem and how others see you.

I will continue to say: invest in yourself! And not just on the outside but also the inside. Today I decided to start meditating, thought I should share that with you guys.

I am starting with 5 min per day and let see where this will take me. Be the best version of yourself and always have fun!

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