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Are you a start-up business owner, company, entrepreneur or perhaps a social media marketer in need of a premium tool that can increase your sales? Or are you just looking for a Facebook ads marketing lead campaign that produces results within a short period?

Well, whichever category you fall into we believe we have just the solution for you no matter the kind of business you’re doing. This article is an in-depth review of ShopFbAds.com . It’s a premium tool highly vetted by businesses and marketers for its expertise in providing high converting Facebook ad campaigns that optimize sales.

We will walk you through unique features, packages, benefits and other essential details. However, in our humble opinion, we believe this tool is the best marketing solution for businesses and brands.


What Is ShopFbAds?

ShopFbAds is a premium Facebook ad marketing tool tailored for small-medium businesses, social media marketers, brands and entrepreneurs to increase their sales.

It’s a tool that helps businesses and marketers by optimizing, composing, and managing Facebook ad leads. Their experts reach out to specific targeted audiences who need their products or services.

ShopFbAds will take care of your marketing goals. They will also help you reach a diverse network of potential customers while you focus more on your business. Experts carry out Facebook ad lead campaigns based on the business’s targeted audiences using strategic prospects like location, gender, age, and interests. 

ShopFbAds Features   

ShopFbAds is the best marketing tool when providing accurate Facebook ad leads for businesses. They offer a handful of excellent features to boost your business’s sales. Here is a breakdown of five features ShopFbAds offers.

1. Competitors Research

A brand or business needs to know its competitors. It should know what they are doing and the methods or strategies they have taken to promote their services. Nevertheless, ShopFbAds helps to bridge the gap between you and your competitors by providing strategically targeted Facebook ad leads. These leads will outshine your competitors and place your business on the frontline.

2. Audience Targeting

If you’ve used other lead programs to promote your brand before, you will affirm that most of them apply a scatter gun audience approach. However, this is not the case with ShopFbAds. Experts research the type of customers that need your products or services. Thus, increasing your sales and promoting your brand with Facebook ads in the long run. 

3. Bidding and Budget Suggestions

This is a highly-vetted tool that is keen on helping brands and businesses grow. It provides bidding and budget suggestions for business owners who want to cut down on costs and achieve more, for less.

ShopFbAds keeps your budget in mind while it optimizes your Facebook ad lead campaign from scratch. Thus, to avoid budget blowout, which is usually the result of inexperienced ad management team.

4. Campaign Quality Assurance

ShopFbAds will not only compose quality Facebook ad leads, but will also review your business ad campaign by delivering quality ads placement, analytics and links.

5. Account Audit

For businesses, marketers, and brands who already have an existing ad account, ShopFbAds will professionally audit their accounts. This ensures they meet the standard of the business’s needs, especially in their future lead campaigns.

ShopFbAds Pricing

Whether you’re a small business or large organization, ShopFbAds has you covered. It offers a three-tier package for users.

  • Basic Package ($199): Users will get Facebook Ads lead campaign for 7 days
  • Standard Package ($299): Facebook Ads lead campaign for 14 days
  • Premium Package ($399): Facebook Ads lead campaign for 29 days

The premium package is different from the basic and standard package in that your businesses and brands will get four audience targeting suggestions and ongoing lead campaign management for 29 days.

Medium and large scale companies who want to reach out to a larger audience can take advantage of ShopFbAds’ premium plan.

Looking at the price range, we can say that ShopFbAds is one of the most affordable traffic providers when compared to other services out there.

Methods of Payment

ShopFbAds provides a handful of payment options for users who want to key into their premium traffic service. However, the payment options available include:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • American Express


Overall, ShopFbAds is the best traffic provider because it delivers quality and targeted Facebook ad leads that convert into sales. Another advantage of ShopFbAds is its affordability, especially when compared to other traffic providers that end up yielding little or no results.

So, if you’re a startup business owner, marketer, or company looking for a strategy to increase your sales and outshine your competitors, ShopFbAds is the only tool you need to move your business to the frontline.


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