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Satisfy is starting the year with a strong stride, putting its gear through the paces with a few laps around England’s Salisbury Plain in the Stonehenge collection. 

When I think of Stonehenge, I think of two things. The first is, of course, Stonehenge, and the second is, naturally, Runescape’s Demon Slayer & Druid Ritual quests. 

Though I’ve yet to visit myself, the British landmark is certainly a spectacle. It’s pretty much our much, much smaller and unscalably less impressive answer to the Great Pyramids – who put them there!?

Satisfy’s new top-tier running gear collection won’t provide you with any answers regarding ancient monuments and mystic druids; it will, however, have you looking and feeling ready to set pace. 

All of the gear that runners have come to trust from Satisfy comes in an arrangement of new styles. The Auralite T-Shirt – used as a foundation within the recent OUR LEGACY collaboration – features an updated “Running Cult Member” graphic, while a rich palette of purple, green, pink, blue, and brown offers Techsilk shorts, Cloud Merino tees, and Flitesilk running caps a new lick of paint.

The collection’s campaign visuals were captured by the UK-based outdoor creative studio, Dreaded Path, who recently put Descente Allterrain‘s FW21 gear to the test in a similar fashion.

Alongside the Stonehenge collection’s release, Satisfy has developed an NFT in continued partnership with Ledger. The digital collectibles will be available for auction for 48 hours starting on January 14, with all proceeds benefitting the  We Go Outside Too organization. 

Lace up your kicks and get ready to run – the Satisfy Stonehenge collection is available to shop online now. 


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