Sometimes a standard general dentist is just not the right choice for a family or a person with special needs. In this case, it is important to choose special needs dentist who is trained to handle dental services in the best way possible for yourself or your family member.

Children and adults who have special health care issues require oral care just like any other person. Often, this process is frightening or uncomfortable for someone who has a physical disability. A special needs dentist has undergone training to care for patients with physical, emotional, sensory, developmental, or even cognitive problems that are associated with special needs patients.

Treatment by a special needs dentist means visiting a dentist who has been specially trained to provide routine cleanings, fillings, and even restorative dental care for patients who are unable to receive standard dental services.

The local special needs dentists tailors his or her office practices to suit the needs of anyone with a handicap or disability that makes regular dental care uncomfortable or even frightening. The types of services offered by a special needs dentist are similar to those offered in a standard dental office with a few major differences.

A special needs dentist has been trained to provide a comfortable dental experience for those patients with Down Syndrome, spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s, autism, and a variety of other conditions that could affect a person’s dental services.

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Do all special needs persons require a special needs dentistry?

No, because there are a variety of conditions that could cause a person to be in a special needs situation, not every person who is in that category requires a special needs dentist. Your local special needs dentist is most often utilized for a child with special needs.

What if a special needs person has a very hard time relaxing at the dentist’s office?

A person who is unable to relax during a dental visit can be offered a variety of options for anxiety-free dentistry. For example, many local special needs dentists provide sedation dentistry for children and adults who are frightened by the dental experience.

Are all pediatric dentists able to provide dental care for special needs patients who are children?

No, not all pediatric dentists are able to provide dental care for children with special needs. Although pediatric dentists are among the most qualified to provide these services, it often takes a large amount of extra training to become a special needs dentist. Many pediatric offices employ at least one dentist who has completed this type of training.

How can I prepare my special needs family member for a visit with a nearby special needs dentist?

You can work to establish good oral hygiene habits early to ensure that your child or family member with special needs does not feel uncomfortable while visiting the dentist. Do this by practicing habits like brushing teeth regularly and flossing twice each day. These habits help to make a person comfortable with all of the types of services that occur in a dental office. Talk to your child or family member about the upcoming dental visit and answer any questions that he or she might have prior to the visit.

What if my child needs more support than my local special needs pediatric dentist can provide?

Sometimes a patient requires a little more support than a local special needs pediatric dentist can offer in a dental office setting. In this case, certain dentists can provide services in a hospital setting with a more comprehensive sedation plan or a plan for restraints that are provided in the hospital.

Let Us Help You Find a Special Needs Dentist Near You

When the time comes to search for a special needs dentist near you, the website is a perfect choice for beginning and ending the search. Just log onto our convenient website and scroll through our hand-selected listing of nearby special needs dentists. Click on the dental office that you choose, and view the services that each dentist offers. You can also find important information like insurances accepted, office hours, and driving directions right on the website. Pediatric dentists and adult special needs dentists are all listed in a format that is simple to follow and that is right at your fingertips. Use the website to select a dentist in your area, and even set up that first appointment using the information that is always available online. Our website makes selecting the right special needs dentist near you a simple task.

Call Our Toll-Free Dentist Finder Hotline

When the search for a special needs dentist near you is just a little bit more than you want to handle alone, call our toll-free dentist finder hotline. You can speak with a caring agent who is always available to help you to choose the right dentist for your particular dental problem. He or she is able to help you by providing driving directions to the dental office and even by setting up that first appointment for you. Our dentist finder hotline is available 24-hours a day and seven days each week, making it a great choice for anyone suffering with a dental emergency and seeking a nearby special needs dentist.

Preparing for Your Special Needs Dentist Appointment

Once you have chosen a special needs dentist and determined which services are important to you, it is time to set up that first appointment. You can call the dental office or use our dentist finder hotline to set up your first appointment. Remember to bring your dental insurance card and a photo ID with you to visit your local special needs dentist. You will also need to bring any necessary dental insurance copayment with you to that dental visit. Try to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early so that you can ask your special needs dentist any questions that you might have, and also use this time to fill out that new patient paperwork.

When you choose a new special needs dentist, it is important to ensure that he or she is properly licensed and credentialed to provide dental services in your state. You can check this information by accessing your state’s dental association website. Just enter your dentist’s name into the search box on the website and view the licensing and credentials provided. You can also visit the dentist’s office prior to your first appointment to view licensing and credentials. Most dentists keep this information on display inside their office for patients to view when they visit the office.


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