Kylie Jenner Resort Mansion

Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup brand helmed by our queen of “like, realizing things,” is releasing a collaboration with A Nightmare on Elm Street. Because who doesn’t want to get dolled up like Freddy Krueger?

“What a DREAM to collaborate with the icon of horror!” Jenner captioned an Instagram post announcing the project, set to release on October 12 via Kyle Cosmetics’ site.

The Keeping Up star shared a shot of herself in a red and flesh-toned bodysuit, mimicking the scarred skin of Wes Craven’s iconic serial killer.

As for the actual products, an eyeshadow palette full of blood-adjacent shades boasts creative (?) color names such as “Come to Freddy,” “Face Your Fears,” and “Alive But Dead.”

There’s also a jelly-like lip stain reminiscent of congealed blood, a trio of lip glosses, and a set of false eyelashes that, according to Jenner’s Instagram Stories, “look so pretty on the eye.”

Freddy Krueger might not have the lushest lashes, but you can!

When Jenner teased the collection earlier this week, I wasn’t the only one who guessed she’d be teaming up with Megan Fox. Hinting at the collaboration with a clip of herself dripping in blood, Jenner seemed to be referencing Fox’s magnum opus, Jennifer’s Body.

Given Fox’s recent team-up with Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS (and, sadly, Philipp Plein), a deal with the junior Jenner wouldn’t be out of the question, you’d think.

Alas, Jenner said “No Kylie Cosmetics x Megan Fox for you” and instead gave us… Freddy Krueger realness. So put on your best striped sweater and tattered fedora — let’s get sickening!


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