The Variable Balans kneeling chair, left, and the Tic Toc stool, right.

Comfortable seating is essential for working. If you’re unsatisfied with a traditional office chair and want something different, you might consider a kneeling chair or a saddle-style stool. Mashable tested the Tic Toc Chair, a rockable stool, and the Variable Balans, a kneeling chair. Read on for a comparison between the two options and to learn which one might be right for you.

The Tic Toc Chair sells for $249 with cushion (and trust us, you want the cushion). The Variable Balans clocks in at $349; more if you go for one of the Instagram-ready colorways from the MoMA Design Store.

Weight limits and adjustability

The Tic Toc Chair adjusts easily from 16.125” to 23.625”. These are heights that play nicely with a variety of work surfaces, and it gives a lot of flexibility for different people to use it as well. The weight limit on the stool is 220 pounds.

The Variable Balans supports up to 240 pounds. The height can’t be adjusted but the kneeling posture worked fine with my desk height. You can also sit on it backwards as more of a classic chair, or with one knee up and the other down. Some Variable Balans chairs have an option to purchase a removable backrest, making it even more versatile.

Both chairs are small enough to stash under a desk. A child can use either chair, but the Tic Toc stool will likely fit more comfortably.


The Tic Toc Chair is not comfortable for long periods or when you’re getting fatigued. It’s definitely a chair that tells you when you’ve been sitting too long.

The Variable Balans is plusher and supports more position changes throughout the day. It is mildly annoying to have to disentangle yourself from the chair to pull it closer to the desk.

Which one should you buy?

If you’re looking for a non-traditional chair to spend your whole work day in, go with the Variable Balans. Though it’s more expensive than the Tic Toc, its greater variety of seating postures and higher weight limit make it a better overall choice. However, if you want something to take an occasional break from an office chair or a standing desk, the Tic Toc chair is a versatile option that kids can also use.


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