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Huge oversized sports shorts, a baggy-fitting top, white socks, and sneakers – the Adam Sandler uniform is a contemporary fashion phenomenon.

A style that belongs in the internet hall of fame, it has made him the subject of multiple memes and, most recently, an unlikely source of inspiration for the style-conscious side of TikTok.

Maybe, it’s a side of TikTok that Justin Bieber stumbled across while browsing his “For You” page. If his latest outfit is anything to go by, it is a valid theory as the Canadian pop star was channeling heavy Adam Sandler energy.

The slouchy, baggy look is something that the 27-year-old has been experimenting with for some time and has been cemented as his signature style of dressing. Cozying up in oversized jumpers and wearing huge 90s-style jeans is something we have come accustomed to seeing worn by pop artist. It was only last week that we caught him tucking a pair of wide-leg Heron Preston x Calvin Klein trousers into the YEEZY X adidas NSTLD boots and pairing it with an oversized sweatshirt. But his latest outfit takes it to new extremes.


Photographed arriving at a studio session, the musician was sagging a pair of Balenciaga shorts in trademark Sandler style. With the football-inspired shorts pulled down, a small slice of his leg could be seen between them and a pair of white Yeezy Calabasas socks. On top, was another football-inspired Balenciaga piece in the form of a fleece. Coming in neon green, a color that has been dominant on the runway for some time, it continues the activewear theme by replicating the hue often found on sports bibs.

Finishing off the look, Bieber was rocking a grey Nike SB hat, sunglasses, and a pair of white Nike Air Force One sneakers for the ultimate Sandler-inspired fit.

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