John Krasinski better watch this 'Office' mashup of monologue advice before 'SNL'

John Krasinski is about to make his debut as a Saturday Night Live host, and The Office‘s YouTube channel is trying to make sure he doesn’t flub his monologue.

The channel not-so-subtly referenced Krasinski’s big night by posting a video titled “How To Prepare For a Monologue,” and honestly? It’s packed with some good advice. The 13-minute mashup of scenes includes everything from Dundies prep and Dwight’s speech lead-up to Jim Halpert’s memorable Sabre Pyramid presentation. If John wants to nail that SNL monologue he’d BETTER watch this thing before 11:30 p.m. ET. Seriously.

If not 50+ Office references, here’s hoping that John’s night on the New York stage at least includes multiple looks to camera. Read more…

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